Cybersecurity Challenges

As the world's leading cyber threat service, we decided to create cybersecurity challenges to take attention to new bypass techniques and methods. We will create new challenges regularly and prepare various gifts for winners. Also, we will list everybody who solved challenges, on this page. Let us test our skills!

Please know before joining our challenges:

  • The main topic of the challenges is cybersecurity. You will see examples like application security, cryptography, network, malware analysis, forensic, privacy and more.
  • Our lab environment is website. We will share challenge links bottom, don't make your tests on or other addresses.
  • Don't attack our services, if you have discovered a bug in, you can report it by our bug bounty program.
  • It's not a CTF, it just focuses on a single topic and it is aiming to teach "how to bypass" secured systems.
  • Please include your step-by-step solution while submitting an answer. We will check every answer and eliminate copy answers and cheaters.
  • Follow our social media accounts to be informed of winners and new challenges. Twitter - LinkedIn - Facebook
  • Please follow the challenges dates and don't submit your solutions for expired challenges and multiple times.
  • You can also contact us to send your own challenges, sponsorship offers or cooperations.
    Have you solved the latest challenge?
    Submit your step-by-step solution to [email protected] address.
2- Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
There are multiple XSS vulnerabilities. Can you discover them and bypass CSP? Show your skills, submit the detailed solution and win rewards!

  • Reward: Bugcrowd T-Shirt for top 3 and stickers for 4-10th researchers.
  • Starts: 04.08.2020 / 15:00 UTC
  • Expires: 07.08.2020 / 15:00 UTC
  • Tips: A tip for every 50 likes. Go to Tweet
  • URL:
  • Who solved this challenge?
    1- Out-of-Band Remote Command Execution
    Discover the OOB RCE vulnerability and exploit this. After gained shell, read the flag.txt file and submit the flag with details about how you solved the challenge.

  • Reward: 3 months of PentesterLab subscription to a random participant.
  • Winner: Sivanesh Ashok (@sivaneshashok)
  • Expires: 16.05.2020 / 07:00 UTC (Expired, please don't submit your solutions.)
  • Tips: A tip for every 20 likes. Go to Tweet
  • Solution: Click to read write-up.
  • URL:
  • Who solved this challenge?

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